About USA warehouse

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I don't have any .onion website/shop.

Bitcoin(1FtVApqFvFTkLUv9ijq2YS4FNTSJN2vPdP) and Western Unioin are currently my only payment methods.       

  1. USA warehouse have?


  2. What chems are available there?

    Since USA warehouse running fast, please contact us before you want to order and shipping from USA, to make sure there is enough stock.

  3. What's the min. order?

    1 kilo.

    Because all the chems in our USA warehouse is in pack of kgs. For security reasons, bags are not allowed open, workers there don't know what's really in the bag.

  4. What's the delivery time?

    Shipping from USA warehouse to any USA state/city, only need 4 working days max for delivery.

  5. Others?

    Most of our packages are shipping from China. But all our packages from China will go to our USA warehouse first. Then change (label) to USA local Fedex. In this way, clients' personal information will never into USA custom system.

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